Double Shower door Roller W79

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shower roller W79

❌ Original roller
  • Available wheel diameters: 20.8mm
  • Replaceable wheel: NO
✅ Replacement for original roller
  • Available wheel diameters: 19mm
  • Replaceable wheel: YES
  • Material: durable and strong plastic, silver metal, high-quality corrosion-resistant parts

Production of the original roll model is finished!

Now and in the near future available for order and delivery only as a replacement for the original model.

Replacement for the original roll model is fully functional and will allow you to solve the problem of unavailability of the original spare part.

The replacement roll may differ slightly from the original product, but all important dimensions are correct.

The replacement roll has been tested many times and works.

Additional information

Diameter wheel

19mm, 20.8mm


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